Stephen Curtis



Stephen Curtis
Project Manager

When it comes to architectural signs, computer aided drafting and manufacturing, Stephen is a great resource.  With years of experience in the industry and championship accolades in the SkillsUSA/VICA competition, his deep understanding of processes allows him to offer a smooth experience for our clients — start to finish.

Stephen is always eager to help out whenever possible.  His humor is best embodied by his fuzzy kitten and magical unicorn t-shirts he wears around the office.

Stephen’s passion at work carries over into his personal life with his love of cigars, sports…and more cigars!

“The people I work with feel like family.”

“We had a difficult project with a time sensitive deadline, requiring a super high quality product with a custom color match.  We sent out bid requests to vendors all over the country—some of whom withdrew themselves, because they could not meet the due date.  We obtained samples as well, from several companies; only to be let down by the quality.  Just when I started thinking that I might have to compromise and go with a company that provided so-so quality, we came across Center Pointe Signs.  they were the first company who was willing to accommodate all the requirements this project had without giving a fuss. 

I had no doubt about their quality—for I had seen samples that were displayed on their walls.  These samples were supposed to be rejected by customers for flaws; I could not see them at all!  For me, this only meant that they pay attention to detail and hold themselves to a higher standard of quality.  Color matching was the hardest part of this project, however the project manager, Stephen Curtis and his team of experts fulfilled my expectations and more!  He was also eager to show me around—tell me about technologies, materials and applications that they use— which gave me ideas for future projects.  All in all, the products made the due date and they were beautiful! 

This project went to the newly built Vashon Island Center for Arts in April, and I hear they look great installed!”

Cheri Lane
previously with Amri Studios